Ellis Lostness
Ellis Lostness
Type Villain/Hero
Appearance Side Character/Main Character
First Saga Appeared Shadow Saga
Species Shadow
Fighting Skills Magic/Sword(wo)man

About Her in World of LawlEdit

Ellis is created the shadow master, Meden Lostness. In her youth, Ellis is the only shadow with blonde hair, but she born voiceless. Ellis also grip on the two men, Demitri Blade & Maxwell Sins. Despite this, Bruce Shader, at his young adult age, kills her father anyway when attempted to protect Rosa Star. After this is, all the Shadows and rules by Ellis and are against (except for Steven, Stephanie, Bruce II, Danny, Starla, Rosa II, and many other) are against the betrayer, Bruce Shader.

Since then, she been fighting with his grandfather, Bruce BlazeStar. Who continue fighting him, and after discover his born father, go after Steven and Stocking as well. This led Stocking, now a mother, to find the way to get rid of her god, Alduin.

After Alduin was banish, Ellis became depressed. She only fight to avenge her father, but instead is trap inside The Shadow World. Ellis also grown angry when Rosa was trick into killing her own kind by draining Alduin's life power thank to Lord Ra and her clone, Sllie Lostness, was pregnant with Steven's child.

But after being left on Earth when Sheesuz ruined the planet, Ellis, Maxwell, and Dimitri meet up with two heroes left out, Jack the Hedgehog and Patricia the Shunk. After some friendly treatment, Ellis and the Shadow Aces learn to respect other non-shadows and make ally with Bruce BlazeStar, even after the chaos his family have cause her, especially since him and Kenchia becoming a family.

Since then, Ellis help the heroes takes down Zankuro Minozuki and Los Santo Triad's Star-nator and have treated Dimitri and Maxwell after them injuring, but she still disliked Stocking while not showing to her grandchildren.

Story AppearEdit

Main StoryEdit

  • Shadow Saga (Villain)
  • Alduin Saga (Villain)
  • Samurai Shoudown Saga (Hero)
  • Los Santo Triad Saga (Hero)
  • Forbid Feast Saga (Hero)

Side StoryEdit

  • Lord Ra Saga (Villain)
  • Sheesuz Saga (Mini Story/Villain to Hero)

What If StoryEdit


Friends and EnemiesEdit

Family MemberEdit

  • Medon Lostness (creator/biological father)
  • Sille Lostness (biological sister)
  • Lester Lostness (Biological Nephew)
  • Nunchuck Dude (husband)
  • Glenn Lostness (son)



  • Zankuro Minazuki (Hero Side)
  • Wei Chang (Hero Side)
  • Stocking (Both Side)