Kevin Aero
Kevin aero by stevenstar777-d7xtml4
Type Unknown
Appearance Unknown
First Saga Appeared Unknown

About Him in World of LawlEdit

Kevin Aero was a genius from New York that when approached by Jacker while traveling in Egypt with his rich family. Jacker, having sensed Kevin's brain powers, asked for a demonstration which led to them fighting. When he lost, Jacker Holden him and force him to upgrade him and his mans non-stop. Kevin was later saves by Tom Smith and it was unknown which happen to him.

Later, during the Sheezus Sage. Kevin appear out of nowhere and help Stocking from revived Rosa once more. He would felt in love with Stocking.

After the Soul Calibur Saga, He later gotten married to Stocking in the Multible Weddings Event, Wearing his ring after he place his father sword in the magic water.

Story Appear inEdit

Main StoryEdit

Side StoryEdit

  • ???

What If StoryEdit

  • ??? (Role Here)

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Family MemberEdit

  • Unknown Father
  • Unknown Mother
  • Ryan Aero (younger brother)
  • Kevin Jr. (son)